Sunday, June 25, 2006

so sorry

It was pointed out to me that I accidentally left Beppo out of monkey day. In apology we're having a super-pets post.

The Legion of Super-Pets consisted of:

Beepo the super-monkey from Krypton who was tricked by Superboy into deep space only to be discovered years later by Supergirl and finally be accepted as a Super-pet. I still think it was cruel of Superboy to stand the poor chimp out in desolate space. The ASPCA would have had a field day if they had only known.

Streaky, or super-cat, was NOT from krypton and has a superhero orgin story! Streaky was Linda (Supergirl)'s pet cat who was exposed to Kryptonite X. The powers were only temporary but could constantly be recharged because there was a piece of K-X in the cat's yarn ball. If only they had known that any ordinary house cat could be super powered but it was not to be. I don't think they ever figured out where super-cat's powers were coming from. L33t Kryptonian science!

Krypto aka super-dog is probably the most well known super-pet even appearing as recently as S&B Public Enemies. Batman constantly makes fun of Superman for having a dog in a cape protecting his fortress. Indeed, I would make fun of Supes for such a thing too. Krypto's secret identity (because even a dog is smarter than Peter Parker when it comes to keeping a secret ID!) was Chip, CK's dog. He even disguised himself with a dark patch made with wood stain over his eye. Krypto was also the leader of the Space Canine Patrol Agency and found a way to become youthful again after almost dying of old age. Now that's one accomplished dog!

Comet (super-horse) was actually used somewhat recently in the Matrix run of Supergirl. He wasn't the same of course, but it was still fun to have them play with the idea of a super powered horse again. Comet was actually a centaur originally named Biron but when Circe tried to make him fully human the spell was sabotaged and he became a horse instead (but had nifty super powers). He could become human when there was a comet in the sky and he had the hots for Supergirl (then again, who didn't? It seems like everyone and their sister had a thing for S-girl).

And last but not least, Proty II. Proty was Chameleon Boys telepathic shape changing pet and was underestimated when first trying to join the Legion of Super-pets. He was given several challeges by other members and eneded up showing all the other pets up. He even saved Krypto from a shark (Krypto was weakend by green-K at the time)! Proty really seemed to be superior to Chameleon Boy in his abilities which I always found amusing.

Go go Super-pets! Outshining the actual Legion more times than is believable!

The really cool thing is I found something better than super-pets action figures. I know, I know, that's hard to believe. I sure you're shaking your heads right now and asking what could Cshiana be thinking? Something better than Legion of Superpets action figures? Well it's true. I give you *drum roll*

Super-pets stuffed toys! I totally need to get a hold of Streaky. So awesome.


Anonymous JIm said...

Thanks for the post, this was great. I had forgotten about Steaky's origin. I only need Comet and Proty II to have the entire Legion of Super-Pets. The fun thing is the pets have been bonus action figures and I don't think DC was intending to release the Legion of Super-Pets as action figures.

Sunday, June 25, 2006  
Anonymous Detective Chimp said...

When you think about it I should have my own post.

Sunday, June 25, 2006  
Blogger Brainiac6 said...

I was always suprised at the variety of the super-pets orgins especially since all of them wore S capes and had similar powers. And I'm amused at the fact that Krypto had a secret ID.

Sunday, June 25, 2006  
Anonymous Jim said...

I think Proty I & II, get minimal repect. 3 got action figures, 4 goet stuffed animals, Krypto is getting his own comic and nothing, nothing for Proty - how will I ever complete my Legion of Super Pets collection?

Of course I'm also waiting for the Action Philospher collection.

Sunday, June 25, 2006  
Blogger Arielle said...


Monday, June 26, 2006  
Blogger Brainiac6 said...

??? just wait Arielle, you'll be jealous when I get Streaky.

Monday, June 26, 2006  

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