Saturday, June 17, 2006


First off, another weekend has come around so I will be somewhat absorbed into the world of D&D but only for a short period - nothing as bad as last week which was many games in a row.

I got a new toy tonight - Photoshop! I am so excited to finally get ahold of this (thanks Gary!) as I can now begin experimenting with digital color. I have a feeling that much of my free time will be consumed by playing with photoshop over the next week or so, be warned. I'll still be posting of course, there's just a good possibility of me posting phases of my artwork.

The other night I spent a good amount of time assembling bags&boards and oddly enough it started me down memory lane. Growing up in a comic book store my sister and I both spent an inordinante amount of time with boards and bags... I remember how tedious it could be, and yet it's a good memory. We used to make games out of the task to keep ourselves from falling asleep. We had a lot of strange little tasks like that back then. Like organizing comic book cards... I remember it being fun at the time although now I'm not sure of the appeal. I mean, yes, playing with cards can be fun... I just don't see their purpose. Heh, I know at least one customer had my sister pick out his card boxes for him because she always seemed to pick the boxes with rare cards :) Anyway, it's funny what things will bring on an onslaught of memories.

Just to start you off on the art train, this is a picture of Cshiana for D&D. She's half-drow so it's going to be a challenge to do her skin tone. I'm sure I'll figure something out though!


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