Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Abberant again

So, as my friends and I continue to work on character creation for our Abberant characters I find myself wondering... what is it that makes a good superhero, or for that matter a good superhero team?

Most of us have our names now; Tsunami, Ember, Valor, and Scourge... we're only waiting on two other people to choose names. We've also decided that we made our own hero team in order to avoid the bueracracy that infests to hero teams of "Earth 2" (which is what I started calling our world as it's a variant of a world we played on two years ago).

As we continue building our team, Scourge has asked some interesting questions.
1. Who will lead the team and
2. Who will manage the team

Having grown up with comic books I look to the DCU for advice. I find very little... as far as a team leader goes we'll have to figure that out ourselves - we don't have a Nightwing or Robin in our midst. As for team management, well, the last time I saw a team literally managed was the JL... and they were managed by Maxwell Lord. We all know how that ended up.

Yet both Scourge and Ember brought up a good point. We need funding if we're trying to run our own team and we don't have Bruce Wayne (or any wealthy sponser for that matter) around to pay for all our stuff. This means we need someone to manage our funds and promote our services... which makes the heroing thing feel somewhat - well, A-Teamish.

I've also realized that Bruce Wayne funds half of the DCU. I wish I had boundless wealth...

So where's the middle ground between needing money and wanting to be a selfless goodguy? I suppose I'll have to find out in character, but it's a question that doesn't get adressed all that often in comic books. There's usually a Bruce Wayne or Princess Projecta to fund selfless deeds.

If I ever become rich I'm going to start a Superhero scholorship for gamers.

Then, of course, is the never-ending team name debate. Personally, I like Harbingers, but what do you think?

Pure Elements
New Utopians

some names that aren't acceptable: Superfriends, Superbuddies, Inferior Six, and Power Posse

and yes, some of these were stolen because damn it's hard to come up with a good team name. Suggestions?

tomorrow should be comic book day, which means an Infinite Crisis review!


Anonymous Jim said...

Angel and the Ape is a great team name. Harbingers is the best of the names listed.

Easy Company, Legion, The New Knights, The Next Thing, The New Fables.

The New Knights or The New Fables or Harbingers are all good names.

Sounds like it should be fun.

Tuesday, May 09, 2006  
Anonymous AMike said...

The Order of Irate Squirrels.

So shall it be.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006  

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